In family hands
for over 700 years


The Lovat Estate has been in the Fraser family for 700 years. This long history and its deep-rooted connection with the community have shaped our values and today provide the foundation upon which we apply a modern and dynamic estate management approach.

Our core business is run from the Lovat Estate office in Beauly, Inverness-shire. The bulk of our business is property lettings and private wealth management, but we also have arable farmland, forestry and fishing. Looking forwards our goal is to expand the commercial arm of our property portfolio while looking for opportunities to do small scale housing developments if the conditions are right.

Overall the Estate remains committed to investing for the long-term success and advancement of these ancient clan lands, the surrounding community, and the environment.







Our History

The Estate has managed the assets of the chiefs of Clan Fraser since the 13th century when the first Frasers settled in the Aird. The current chief, Simon Fraser, 18th Lord Lovat, is the 25th head of the clan.

The family fell on hard times in the early 1990’s and were forced to sell a large portion of the modern Lovat Estates, but in the 25 years since it has thrived thanks to steady management and wise investing.

This has allowed us to buy back numerous old Lovat family assets, rebuilding from the bottom up. Our goal is to continue to do so, taking profits from capital markets and investing back into the land of the Aird.



Let Housing

The Lovat Estates consists of a portfolio of lovely old properties full of charm and history. Many of these have been renovated in the last 10 years with the goal of creating picturesque exteriors with warm and cosy interiors, well equipped for highland life.

We currently own approximately sixty houses in the Beauly area which are let on residential tenancies, any vacant properties available are advertised via the Highland Solicitors Property Centre. Most of these houses have been renovated since 2008.

The let houses comply with the Repairing Standard and this, together with a Scottish Private Residential Tenancy (SPRT) lease, form the basis of new tenancy agreements. Dogs and pets are allowed in some of the let properties, at our discretion. Tenants are supplied with a Tenant Information Pack and their deposits are held by Safe Deposits Scotland.

The properties are let under the trading name of Lovat Estates Limited which is approved under the private landlord registration scheme. (Registration no. 45931/270/26190).

Family Office

Lovat Estate has been investing in capital markets for more than 20 years and to a lesser extent in property and private equity.  Our goal is to find a balance between capital growth and income, the latter being used to finance our housing upgrades and asset purchases in the Estate. 

Historically our investing was weighted towards the natural resources sector, but in the last decade we have de-risked and diversified our portfolios.  Today we invest primarily in equities with a focus on high-quality, global growth companies that can compound through cycles and hedge against inflation. To a lesser extent, for income, we buy high yield value orientated equities, preference shares and bonds.

We also act in an advisory capacity to close family of Lord Lovat. This includes the management of their heritable assets in and around Inverness-shire, providing advice on accounting, tax planning and wealth management.


In the past the Estate has built small housing developments locally where opportunities have arisen. This has been a combination of building new homes and converting dilapidated steadings into modern properties. In future we intend to expand our housing development arm in response to the UK’s housing shortages.

We also take pride in renovating commercial buildings around the community where we see opportunities. A recent example of this is the renovation of the Bank of Scotland in Beauly: a building long neglected and underutilised, now converted into 2 commercial spaces – both adding value to the town.


Land Management

The estate is more fragmented than typical Scottish estates due to asset sales in the 1990s. This resulted in a business made up of numerous small holdings spread over a large area. In the last 20 years we have bought back land parcels where possible, forming a core block around Beauly. 

Farming is not a direct focus for the Estate, we prefer to lease our agricultural land to local farmers who are best placed to manage it. Our energy goes into ensuring the infrastructure around the land is upkept properly, for instance into tree management and general environmental stewardship


The Estate has been synonymous with forestry for over a century now. In 1919 the 16th Lord Lovat, great grandfather to the current one, was appointed the first Chairman of the Forestry Commission. Under his leadership, the early achievements of the organisation were considerable, with many thousands of hectares of new planting across the country. His vision and influence had a profound effect on forestry during his period as Chairman and long after his retirement. He died in 1933 and is buried at the beautiful church of St Mary’s Eskadale, 5 miles to the west of Beauly.

In recent years we have followed in his footsteps and have undertaken a raft of new plantings – mostly native woodland on marginal land. Over and above these larger blocks of woodland, we have planted thousands of amenity trees across various areas, including the Cnoc Na Rath walk in Beauly, Groam Of Annat, Fanellan and Kirkton.

For the most part we plant a mixture of oak, birch, rowan, larch, pine, and spruce. We manage the commercial woodlands in line with forestry best practice, thinning plantations, harvesting when trees reach maturity and meeting our replanting obligations.

Managing woodland is an ongoing task and we take the responsibility of tree maintenance seriously, particularly around areas of public access. Please contact us if you have an inquiry regarding tree safety



Lower Beauly Fishing

The best fishing on the river are the three prime beats, Falls, Home and Downie, that make up the lower Beauly – with around 60% of all salmon caught on these beats. These are spread over two miles on both banks and there are fishing huts and a ghillie on each beat.

Lovat Estate lets a number of weeks throughout the season to long standing fishing tenants. Please get in touch if you want to check availability.

Club Water

This stretches from the Lovat Bridge to Wester Lovat and is let to the Beauly Angling Club, founded during the Second World War by the 15th Lord Lovat. There are ten pools over 7 miles of fishing. Day, week or season permits are available to members of the public, please see their website for further details.

The Middle River

From Kilmorack dam to Easter Main, fishing on the Middle River is arranged through Donald Fraser at Morrisons Ironmongers, Beauly. Please contact him if you are interested in taking a day.



There is a limited amount of roe deer shooting on the estate that accompanies our forest management. We lease these shooting rights on an annual basis and tenants need to be insured and experienced.


There is a limited amount of roe deer shooting on the estate that accompanies our forest management. We lease these shooting rights on an annual basis and tenants need to be insured and experienced.