March 2015 Floods

Flooding on the estate during March 2015

On Sunday the 8th March 2015 we had some of the highest river levels in living memory on the River Beauly. A combination of heavy rainfall in the west and rapid snow melt led to significant flooding. As was reported in the local news the caravan park at the Lovat Bridge had to be evacuated by dinghy. Once more we managed to avoid any serious structural damage although a number of our properties were cut off for several hours whilst their access roads were inundated and one, nearer the river, had water ingress into the basement. The flood water at Groam of Annat flattened several hundred metres of new stock fencing, the weight of debris caught in the rylock proving too much. All in all the work we have done in recent years to maintain trees along roadsides and in public places and work in clearing ditches and improving drainage has paid dividends and we seem to have survived this period of extreme weather without too much damage. We hope for more settled weather as we move towards the summer.The Cruivend road under the River Beauly floodwaters.