January 2015 Storm

The January 2015 storm that affected this estate

Like many areas in the north of Scotland, Lovat Estate was severely hit by the strong winds over the weekend of the 9th 10th and 11th of January. Over 40 mature hardwoods came down, including 15 mature Oak trees. Fortunately, structural damage was minimal although there are a number of fences and dykes now under repair. A number of the local public roads and tracks around the estate were blocked by fallen trees and there were some long hours put in for several days to ensure these were opened as quickly as possible. One of the estate houses near Kinerras provided a not so soft landing for some Spruce trees (see photos below) but fortunately damage was minimal and the trees were removed without too much problem. The clear up over the rest of the estate is well underway with estate staff doing a lot of the work and using local contractors for the more sizeable, awkward trees. We had only recently finished a felling operation at the Long Wood when the storm arrived, the inevitable happened and we estimate a further 200 tonnes of timber blew down along the newly opened edge. We are in the process of  tidying this up. Also a 56 Ha area of Lovat Estate’s Scot’s Pine woodland within Boblainy forest suffered considerable windblow and will be harvested soon.